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Arko Paint

Arko Paint Company  was established in 1987 and from thereafter started its activity as the first producer of standard auto paints in Northwest of Iran. The company by producing the first standard polyester putty in Iran now is competing with other similar products of companies from overseas as well as by producing automobile refinish coats   (such as; various kinds of putties, paints, primers, clear coats, hardeners and automobile mastics etc.) and industrial paints has covered the interior market.

Quality control and research laboratories of Arko Co. are among the largest and the most equipped paint producing laboratories in Iran which is capable of producing different types of pains and industrial and technical coatings incorporating experienced experts and modern technologies and machinery and up-to-date equipment.

Arko Paint & Resin company, producer of all types of car paint, coating and putty, have initiated resin department in 2012 and have been successful in producing various kinds of unsaturated polyester resins applicable in manufacturing all sorts of pastes, putties, polyurethane acrylic resins and alkyd resins employing Iranian professionals and become self-sufficient and free from dependency on foreign countries. 


Because of the demands from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Dagestan Republic, Kyrgyzestan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Qatar and Russian southern provinces for Arko products, the company planned to establish its central office in Almaty / Kazakhstan, Also, the company's export is not limited to the above mentioned countries, and now it is extended to other countries such az United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Iraq and South Africa.

The company with qualitative and quantitative European standards is able to export and compete with a variety of European products. Also for many years, it has been chosen as a leading exporter by ministry of industry, mine & trade of Iran and hope that with intelligent interactions, can take steady steps to boost this industry as well as Iran.


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